Private equity navigated many crises. But never like this.
On January 30, 2020, the most important players in private equity were gathered in Cannes as they closed the last edition of IPEM, a major event for the industry. The mood was high and the prospects were excellent. But as the celebration and business continued at la Croisette, WHO declared the emerging covid-19 outbreak in China an international public health emergency. In a matter of weeks, the entire European continent was placed under lockdown and a human drama started unfolding globally. A major test was just beginning for fund managers and their portfolio companies...

Private Equity under the Covid lens
As the pandemic rolls on, private equity firms become easy targets. Especially in the US and UK where the industry comes under the fire from media, politicians, and even pop singers! While some PE funds struggle to get access to government support schemes for their portfolio companies, Invest Europe publishes a report showing that PE firms now account for 5% of the European GDP and over 10 million jobs in the continent… Without a doubt, private equity is funding future growth, innovation, job creation and environmental transition. Yet, it needs to have a voice and to better advocate its role in the economy and society.

Taking on the mission
Once referred to as the « barbarians » of finance capitalism, private equity has been going through some deep cultural transformations in the last decades to become an agent of positive change – with ESG getting mainstream and impact investing experiencing a swift adoption in the industry. In this dramatic crisis, fund managers can well become the “white knights” that save the world. There are so many challenges ahead: rising inequalities and social discontent, growing environmental issues, geopolitical tensions… and an economy to reboot! How can private equity play its part in the world after?


Real Deals: On Air
Real Deals speaks to IPEM CEO Antoine Colson and O2B Films founder Olivier de Bannes on IPEM's upcoming documentary that focuses on the Covid-19 pandemic and our industry’s response to it.

Rebooted is a project that came out from the numerous Zoom calls the IPEM team has had with its community over the last few months. “In each of these calls, there was a real fascinating story to tell” says Antoine Colson, CEO at IPEM. “These were tragic or success stories at some portfolio companies, amazing deals sourced and closed from home in full remote mode, hopes, fears and unknowns about the future…” As fund managers were on the frontline, they witnessed the most dramatic dislocation in a lifetime. “Private equity has grown into a ubiquitous industry, that is invested globally and in every industry. It is in a unique position to comment on the impact of the Covid crisis, and to imagine and build the world after”. When Antoine Colson met Olivier de Bannes, a French film producer and former investment banker – both concluded that there was a great documentary to be made. A year has passed since the pandemic started. Private equity can now sit down and assess what happened and what this crisis really means for the industry and its future.

Rebooted was filmed in a record time in January/February 2021 in the UK, France, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Austria (with all the restrictions that we know…). This project was supported by Eurazeo, Crédit Agricole CIB and White&Case. We want to thank them for making this possible.




Kurt Björklund

Kurt Björklund, Managing Partner at Permira, will be our keynote interviewee on March 3rd for the World Online Premiere of “REBOOTED”.

Kurt joined Permira in 1996 and became co-Managing Partner in 2008 amid the global financial crisis. Earlier this year he became Managing Partner of the firm. Since 2008, Permira has grown into a global powerhouse – with 15 offices across Europe, the US and Asia and over €44bn of committed capital (incl. €11bn for its flagship global fund VII).

Permira’s focus on growth and tech-enabled businesses remains core to the firm’s DNA. In these challenging months, the Permira funds acquired the luxury brand Golden Goose (Feb. 2020), invested in the marketplace platform Mirakl (Sept. 2020), IPOed the Polish e-commerce leader Allegro (Oct. 2020) and the legendary shoe brand Dr. Martens (Jan. 2021).

We are honored that Kurt will share his thoughts on “Rebooted” and share his views on the trends that will shape Private Equity after the covid crisis.


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Kurt Wallensteiner
1 year ago

Thanks and Congrats, exciting dramaturgy, precise topic related comments and above all the statements in the 3rd chpt. make hope for the future!
If I understood correctly, one speaker means, that in Europe there are too less (financial) means available for pushing and letting grow the fantastic innovations we have and develop here, I think, you for ex. the circle of speakers in this doc. film can organize and push this process together 

Alban Cordier
1 year ago

Interesting documentary, very well done, that gives an opportunity to “monsieur et madame toutlemonde” to understand the real purposes of Private Equity: making returns with impact….and some humanity. Should be presentend widely to open the eyes of the global community about a major part of the economy. Private Equity is clearly a key solution to our modern world and to face critical challenges. Thank you to all the participants.

Van Ravoajanahary
1 year ago

I greatly appreciated being part of the event around this interesting documentary!
I rediscovered an industry with human and diversity dynamics, very inspirign for the future.

Arthur Bureau
1 year ago

Great documentary !

Svenja Becker
1 year ago

I would agree to Louis’ comment. I liked this human touch as well – it makes our industry look more congenial than what its public perception is. From the outside, the Private Equity industry always looks so over-professionalized and polished but to watch the movie and realized we are all just human beings is refreshing. The reflections were very insightful.
From a technical point of view, it’s an excellent piece of work. Congratulations to all the participants that turned this into a success.

1 year ago

Beyond the outstanding technical production, I liked to see participants in postures that were not scripted and not intended (by them) to be aired: for instance as they find their seat, leave the interview, ask for the time, etc… it brought a “human touch”! Bravo Team IPEM!

Luis Galveias
1 year ago

Very well done. Congratulations! A fair and diverse view into the different “battle fields” of PE in the last months. It’s about time to make PE less secret otherwise it is more difficult to share its positive impact in economy at large. Strongly recommend.

Greg Durst
1 year ago

This was well worth my time. Big shout out to the production team – world class product!

It’s so important to have PE voices that are telling the PE story with humanity and data. As financial professionals, we rely on the data to influence minds, but the stories connect with stakeholders hearts and minds, specifically clients, beneficiaries and regulators. This film is a highly relevant part of this critical set of conversations happening in and around the industry.

darius ross
1 year ago

Fantastic Film Real in depth to the reality of what has happened and even highlighting what needs to happen moving forward ! Bravo to the Producers

alessandra patera
1 year ago

Thanks. A new approach to share the industry opinion, based on a uncommon point of view, responsible and true. Well done.

1 year ago

Very interesting. Thank you very much.

Jean-Philippe Verdier
1 year ago

Great synopsis of how the PE industry navigated the Covid crisis in 2020, content driven, concise and with lighthearted and humoristic moments that I appreciated. Well done.

frederic agneessens
1 year ago

a well described personal feedback from inside great professionals all over EU. Indeed Covid is a wake-up call. waiting anxiously to come back to Ipem Cannes Post Corona.

Pascal Monteiro de Barros
1 year ago

Excellent film. Incisive, well-made, entertaining. congratulations

Pascal Monteiro de Barros
1 year ago

Excellent film. Incisive, well-made, entertaining. congratulations

Andrey Filev
1 year ago

Very informative movie!